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Simplified Outsourcing

We follow the KISS principle at its best in providing right level of comfort to our clients in executing their projects offshore.

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Get in touch with our IT Consultants and share your application requirements.

We action your query within 24 hours

We provide you a project proposal/quotation and a detailed outline of what needs to be done to accomplish the project, timelines and costs.


We agree on the proposal, make the necessary adjustment and start the project.

IT Creed?

At IT Creed we create tailored-fit solutions for each unique need of your company.
We take our four core values very seriously and make sure that we work within this foundation to ensure client’s satisfaction.
Our client is our center of interest and delivering the best solution for our client is our main priority.
We solve problems by creating new breakthroughs that will benefit our clients.
We believe that integrity is forever, thus we treat our clients with nothing but respect and honesty.
Our team consists of high caliber experts who are dedicated to deliver.

Services We Do

Google Ads

Google Ads campaigns have the potential to be one of the most powerful marketing tools at your disposal. If used correctly, it can grow into a powerful customer acquisition tool for your business.

SEO Services

Scale up your business with SEO. Growing a business can be scary and investing in SEO can be even scarier, especially with so many self-proclaimed SEO agencies that may not deliver what they sell you.

Website Design and Development

Our web design and development service provides you with SEO friendly website. We incorporate strategic SEO decisions to Make Before Website Design and Build

Virtual Admin Support Services

Our back office support services include a range of administrative support services such as email/chat support, phone support/offshore call center, online product maintenance, billing/invoice, account/law services, travel agent support, BPO, sales and marketing services and offshore staffing.


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